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Cloud Services

BDH Technology offers a number of cloud services to help manage a successful business.  Cloud services are simply the on-demand availability of computer system resources without direct management by a company.  Essentially you can use software or hardware owned by another company thus reducing overhead.  There are typically no upfront purchase costs and cloud services also do not require internal staff or a 3rd party IT company to manage those services.

BDH Technology Cloud Services

BDH Technology provides many cloud services hosted on their own highly reliable, highly available servers and network.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a hosted email solution that provides Microsoft Exchange services that were previously only available through a companies own on-premise Exchange server. 

BDH Technology provides a unique platform that differentiates us above other hosted Exchange providers.

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Backup Services

When you lose data, you lose one of the major assets of your business. Whether it is customer contact or financial information, accounting records, transactions, records or research, it represents hours, weeks, months or even years of work by your staff.

BDH Technology offers full server off-site backup for maximum protection for your business.  The backup creates a local copy of data, then encrypts and pushes that data off-site to a secure storage facility.  In the secure environment the backup files are checked for errors, ensuring that the backed up data will always be available whenever it is needed.  The secure environment also provides the capability to create an instance of the server in that environment, which gives instant recovery of data in the event of a disaster such as fire, flood or tornado.

BDH Technology also offers file based off-site/cloud backups for basic file protection.  Basic file protection is good for backing up only key data on one or multiple computers.  The data is checked for errors during the backup process to ensure good restore points are always available should they ever be needed.

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Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server might be the best answer if you need a specialized server configured specifically for your needs and do not want the expense of maintain the server inside your business. A dedicated server is also ideal if your website gets a great deal of traffic, you have special security concerns or you want to store a large number of videos or graphics. With a dedicated server, you don’t share your resources with other companies. You enjoy the capabilities of the entire server for your own business.

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Microsoft Office 365

BDH Technology is a registered Microsoft partner and as such can provide licensing for all of the Microsoft Office 365 products available.  We also can help manage the transition to the cloud through e-mail migrations and installation services.  Office 365 bundles products and services together directly from Microsoft without requiring a large upfront investment.

There are also significant discounts available for non-profit entities that can reduce costs significantly for organizations.  BDH Technology can help recommend solutions for non-profits and manage the transition to the cloud for them as well.


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