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Data Recovery

At BDH Technology, we understand how important your data is to the successfully operation of your business. The modern office, retail operation or factory can literally come to a halt if data is compromised or lost.

Don’t despair if you think your data is lost. We are the data recovery experts.

State-of-the-Art Data Recovery

Our technicians are able to assist in data recovery on virtually any device, including:

We partner with recovery experts that use cutting edge technology that is non-invasive. Using these methods, we have a very high recovery rate for lost data of all types.

In fact, we often succeed in cases where other computer service companies consider data unrecoverable.

The Experience to Recover Lost Data

If your system goes down, it is hopefully a one-of-a-kind situation for you. But here at BDH Technology, we have wide experience with a vast range of circumstances involving seemingly lost data. Whatever your difficulty, we can help.

Here are three common problems that we see often:

Logical computer hard drive data recovery. In this situation, the drive still physically works, but you can’t access your data. The cause might be a virus, corruption, file deletion, a partition that was lost, or even when the disk was accidentally reformatted.

Physical computer hard drive data recovery. In this situation, the drive with your data has physically failed. It might involve a head that crashed, a motor that failed or a PCB board that has been damaged.

Natural disaster data recovery. Lightning, extreme weather like hurricanes and tornados, floods and fires can cause your data to be lost. But the fact is, even if your computer and its drive have been submerged in water, it is usually possible to recover the data.

We’re Here to Help

Call us if your data is apparently lost. We are data recovery experts. Our team of professionals will check out your equipment and let you know what is possible. Give us a call.


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