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Managed Services

Let the experts here at BDH Technology manage your computing needs so you have time to manage your company.
You know your field, it’s what helps you run a successful business. But most likely the computer end of things has you scratching your head.
We’re here to help. Technology keeps changing. Dangers are increasing. BDH is here to help. Our team of IT technicians will keep your business connected, updated and safe.

Look how we can help your business flourish.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Also called network management or RMM, remote monitoring and management is technology that allows us to keep an eye on your networks and computers from our own location. We insert an “agent” on your workstations, networks and devices that sends critical data to our team.

Technicians can maintain your computer system, keeping it updated and working effectively, right from the BDH offices. It’s the most efficient method because:

Our team monitors your entire system, including server, network, firewall, and workstations. We handle installing, patching, alerting and more.

Anti-Virus with Trend Micro

Viruses and malware can attack at any time, wreaking havoc with computer systems and stopping work in its tracks. Don’t let it happen to your business. Let the team here at BDH Technology use the latest anti-virus software from Trend Micro to protect and secure your computer system.

Protect value of your business, keep it up and running, and give yourself peace of mind. We’re experts in the field of security, which is why we use Trend Micro Anti-Virus software. We can:

BDH Web Filtering

You want your sensitive data to stay safe from prying eyes. It can be dangerous to offer unrestricted access to the web at your business.
With the help of BDH Web Filtering, you can control access to sites that harbor viruses and malware. Your employees will be blocked from sites that are dangerous.

You can also block your workers from websites that are against company policy and culture, like hate speech, pornography, violence, and weapons.

Mail Filtering

Hate spam? So do we. The experts here at BDH can help you virtually eliminate spam in your email inbox. If you’re getting any type of unwanted email, we can help you filter it out.

Beside annoying, spam can be dangerous. Our mail filtering system will protect against malware and attacks hiding in emails.
Spam costs you money. It can eat up your bandwidth, reduce speed and performance. It uses up employee time and makes them less productive.
We can provide you with the right mail filtering setup to keep your email system efficient, safe and fast.

Email Encryption

Are you looking for an extra layer of protection for sensitive emails? Our email encryption system is the answer. Only the people you designate will be able to read them.

Emails are easy to hack when sent openly over public Wi-Fi networks. It can even happen within a company. But when that same email is encrypted, only the person you choose will have the capability to read it. Outsiders might be able to intercept the email, but they won’t be able to read it.

Our email encryption service is useful for data like social security numbers, financial account numbers and login names and passwords. It also is the one way to make sure that unauthorized people can’t hijack the email account and get access to content and attachments.

Trust your computer network to the team at BDH Technology. We offer a full line of managed services that protect and enhance your entire system.


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