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Computer/Technology Recycling

The greening of business is quickly becoming the norm. BDH Technology has been leading the way in the Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown and surrounding region with responsible electronic recycling that eliminates the risk of identity theft.

We are proud that we have developed a recycling system that lets us recycle most of the materials in computers and other electronic devices. We handle recycling for both commercial and residential customers.

Recycling of many devices is free of charge. For others there is just a nominal fee.  When we recycle your electronics, you know that only a minimal amount of each device ends up in the landfill.

Why Recycle?

eScrap is invading the landscape. With each advance in technology, old devices become obsolete. And this cycle is getting shorter and shorter.

The earth has a finite amount of natural resources, which are used in these many devices. At BDH Technology, we take seriously the need to reuse and recycle whenever possible. Our goal is to keep as much as possible out of landfills and reduce the carbon footprint from all things electronic.

What We Recycle

If it’s computer-related, we can probably recycle it. Common items that we recycle free of charge include:

For a nominal fee, we can recycle:

Data Destruction

It is critical to protect your personal and business data when you are through with a computer or other electronic device. That’s why BDH Technology specializes in the secure removal and destruction of data.

Let us advise you about your asset management plan, essential for any business that needs to plan for electronic obsolescence.


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