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Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal

Computer security is one of the most essential and difficult jobs every business faces. We can help. At BDH Technology, we understand the latest types of viruses and spyware that are causing havoc for company computers.

Our trained technicians can remove the problem, ensure the safety of your data and educate you on the best ways to avoid the problem in the future.

Damage from Spyware, Viruses and Adware

Viruses and spyware can easily be downloaded onto your computer without your realizing it. Here is just a short list of damage they can cause your system and your company:

Identity theft is a major threat for all businesses, especially when they store customer data. If security isn’t maintained, your company can be sued. The public relations fallout can damage your reputation.

A related problem is adware. This causes pop-up ads to appear on your computer screens, often changes your home page and disrupts access to your network. All of this makes your entire system unstable and can cause long periods of downtime.

Detecting and Removing Viruses and Spyware

Every computer and network needs up-to-date, reliable anti-virus software and a spyware detection program. And it needs to be used. We recommend that every business set up a schedule to update and run its detection program at least once a week.

This is especially true for Windows users because the operating system is especially vulnerable. Apple/Macintosh computers generally experience these problems less often, but you still need to follow anti-virus detection best practices.

There is a wide range of programs available. We recommend Trend Micro because it is reliable and it doesn’t include unnecessary features that can slow down your system.  Trend Micro's Worry Free Services software enables central management of the anti-virus components and ensure that users are updating, scanning and most importantly, not infected.  It takes the requirement off of the users to make sure an individual computer is not infected.  See our managed services page for additional details on Trend Micro Worry Free Services.

Keep Your Computers Safe

Most of the time, you won’t know how the virus or spyware got onto your computer. That’s why you always need an up-to-date virus protection program in place.

The best advice the experts at BDH Technology have for you is this: if you aren’t sure about a link, don’t click it. If you are not absolutely sure about a download, don’t put it on your computer. These are two very common ways that viruses and spyware get into your system.

On a Windows computer, here is the best way to avoid problems if prompted to install software you aren’t sure of: click the X in the upper right side of the window. Do NOT click Cancel or No. If software does get downloaded and you have doubts, immediately run your detection program.

One thing to be on the lookout for is spyware and viruses masquerading as detection and removal software. They usually advertise themselves on pop-up windows and ask for your credit card information.

Always investigate before giving such a program your financial information and downloading it. Call us at BDH Technology if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you choose a reputable program.

If you’re not sure about something, do an Internet search. Find out as much information as possible before deciding to download a program onto your system. Always know the source of any file you put on your computer. Don’t take chances.

Managed Anti-Virus

BDH Technology offers managed anti-virus solutions.  With a managed anti-virus solution all devices are centrally managed for all anti-virus components.  This ensures that users are updating, scanning and most importantly, not infected with a virus.  It takes the requirement off of the users to make sure an individual computer is not infected.  This even works for off-site users or satellite offices that are not connected to the main office.  See our managed services page for additional details on Trend Micro Worry Free Services.

Call the Experts

If your system isn’t running correctly or if you believe your data has been hacked, call the experts here at BDH Technology. We have the specialized tools that allow us to thoroughly scan your devices. If we find spyware, viruses or adware, we have the training and the technology to remove them.


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