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Server Setup & Maintenance

Server Solutions for Your Business

Whatever your server needs, we can help. Are you wondering what type of server you need? We can help you choose the right one for your business, saving your money and worry.

Do you have specific needs? We can custom-configure a server to fit your business, not the other way around. Get a server that supports your individual website and online presence. Are you confused about how to administer your server? Let us do it for you. Spend your time running your business. Let us provide the technical support that avoids downtime and keeps you reliably in the public eye online.

Is your server giving you problems? We know how to repair and maintain all types of servers. Our technical team receives up-to-date training in the latest Mac, Windows and UNIX/Linux servers.

Here is just a partial list of how we can help:

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server might be the best answer if you need a specialized server configured specifically for your needs and do not want the expense of maintaining the server inside your business.  A dedicated server is also ideal if your website gets a great deal of traffic, you have special security concerns or you want to store a large number of videos or graphics. With a dedicated server, you don’t share your resources with other companies. You enjoy the capabilities of the entire server for your own business.

Here is a look at four benefits from using a dedicated server:

Reliability. There is no risk of running out of bandwidth because another entity or website has an upsurge in traffic or memory needs. All the resources of the server are at your disposal.

Security. Since the entire server is yours, you don’t have to worry about what other companies are doing. You can’t be affected by what they upload to their site or the fact that they aren’t using best practices for malware and viruses.

Flexibility. Since you are not affected by what is happening to other websites using the server, you have total control. This gives you greater flexibility to make decisions quickly.

Performance. You have all the resources of a dedicated server to put to your own use. It doesn’t matter how much traffic or how many videos you add, you get high performance. BDH Technology will manage your dedicated server to make the most of its resources and capabilities. We will keep your website performing flawlessly, whatever demands you make of it.

Take the worry about running your business website. We offer fast setup, complete administrative management, regular updates and worry-free uptime for your dedicated server.

At BDH Technology, we understand servers, from selection to setup to uptime. We have the experts on staff who can build, customize and maintain a wide range of servers, including:

Microsoft Windows





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