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Virtualization- VMware ESXi/vSphere, Microsoft HyperV

Virtualization is an IT term that refers to partitioning one server into several, called virtual machines or virtual servers. The process can be complicated, but the effect is good for your business because it can save you money and physical space by reducing the number of physical servers.

Each partition or VM can act independently of the others as if it was its own physical server. Each can interact separately with applications, peripherals, users and data.

It is good for your business because all of these virtual environments can use a single computer. You have one machine that is running assorted applications and even operating systems. If one goes down, it doesn't affect the others.

BDH Technology has experts in virtualization on staff. We offer both VMware and HyperV products for virtual environments. Our technicians have received the latest training in both. They can help you choose the right one for your business needs and teach your staff how to use it. Our techs are pros at  installing it, updating it and maintaining it.

Advantage for Your Business

Virtualization has changed the way that companies handle their IT needs. Here is a look at how it can help your business:

You can make the best possible use of your hardware when you virtualize. Your applications will be more mobile-friendly when you separate them from the server hardware.

Virtualization also streamlines the process of managing your workstations and desktops. You can work from anywhere, across all types of devices, 24/7. This increases office productivity.


The motto of VMware is "one cloud, any application, any device." They are dedicated to lowering the cost of IT services and equipment for small- to medium-size business. At the same time, they are working to increase IT efficiency and ease of use.

BDH Technology is thoroughly up to speed on installing and maintaining all of VMware's product lines, including ESXi vSphere and vCenter. Because our technicians receive the latest training, you are assured of expert advice and efficient service.


The HyperV platform is a product of Microsoft. It is known for security and stability. It is built in Windows, a big advantage for those who are already familiar with the interface.

It is one of the industry standards and the pros here at BDH Technology know it inside out. We can install, update and maintain it for you.


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