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Web Site & E-mail Hosting Packages

Choose Reliable Web Hosting with BDH Technology

BDH Technology has been hosting websites for more than a decade. Much has changed in that time and our staff has been on top of the new technology the whole way. Our highly trained technicians are constantly updating their skills to stay abreast of the latest advances.

Why Choose BDH?

This is what makes BDH Technology your best choice for all your web hosting needs. Guaranteed 99.999% uptime: you never have to worry about your site being offline. Your customers can always find you.

Fast: we have over 15,000 Mbit of external connectivity. The number of visitors you have will never slow your site down.

Frequent backups: your email is backed up every five minutes. Your website is backed up hourly.

Duplicate servers: we use backup servers located off-site. If one server goes down, the backup server is running within minutes, without major data loss.

Prices to suit your businesss: we offer three standard packages, as well as custom packages.

The Right Hosting Package for Your Business

We offer three main packages to fit your budget and your business needs. We can also customize a package to meet your specific requirements.

Basic: Just $10 a month, this is the perfect choice for small businesses. As you grow, you can upgrade to an enhanced or enterprise package.

Enhanced: This is $20 a month and is the right size for a business needing up to 30 email accounts. It includes basic spam and virus protection.

Enterprise: At $30 a month, this package provides advanced spam and virus protection and other features.

For each of the packages, you can purchase more email accounts for an additional fee. At BDH, we never charge a setup fee. If you run a nonprofit, ask us about our special pricing.

Hosted Exchange: BDH Technology also offers hosted Exchange/Active Sync as an add-on to any hosting package.  See our Hosted Exchange page for additional information.

BDH Technology has years of web hosting experience. Let us handle the confusing, high-tech demands of keeping your website online. If you’re not sure which package is right for you, ask us. We’re here to help. Use the handy contact form and a team member will get back to you quickly.

Plans and Prices Basic Enhanced Enterprise
Monthly Cost  $10.00 $20.00 $30.00
Setup Fee  NONE! NONE! NONE!
Graphical Visitor Stats  Yes Yes Yes
Email Features
Email Accounts1  None Included 30 Included 30 Included
Exchange/ Active Sync Add-on Add-on Add-on
SPAM/Virus Protection  No Basic Advanced2
POP3 Access  No Yes Yes
IMAP Access  No Yes Yes
Web-Based Access  No Yes Yes
E-Mail Aliases/Forwarders  Yes Yes Yes
Autoresponders  No Yes Yes
Mailing Lists No Yes Yes
Encrypted E-mail No No Add-on3
E-mail Archival No No Add-on4
Access Features
FTP Access  Yes Yes Yes
SFTP Access  On Request On Request On Request
Secure Telnet (SSH) Access  No No On Request
Scripting/Developer Features
PHP version 5 Support  Yes Yes Yes
Personal CGI-BIN (for running 
your own scripts) 
Yes Yes Yes
Secure Server Certificate (https) No Shared (On Request) Exclusive5
IP Address Shared Shared Exclusive
Free Support by E-mail and phone  Yes Yes Yes

1 An additional 15 e-mail accounts can be purchased for $5.00 per month.
2 Click here for more information about the advanced SPAM/Virus scanning and quarantine options.
3 Available to customers using the advanced SPAM/Virus Protection service. Click here for more information about the secure e-mail encryption service.
4 Available to customers using the advanced SPAM/Virus Protection service.
5 Requires purchase of the secure server certificate separately.


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